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Some FAQ We Have Received

What is the Best Anonymous Browser?

Best Anonymous Browser is one POWERFUL anonymous Web browser! It allows you to automatically browse absolutely ANY website, without fear of ever being “caught”, tracked, monitored, or leaving evidence on your PC. Right now, ALL of your online activities can be tracked back to your PC, through your "IP address." This is like a unique “mailing address” for your computer.

The software works by routing all of your surfing traffic through an anonymous privacy network of high-speed, high-security servers – masking your IP address and ensuring complete privacy.

In addition, it automatically erases all of your surfing history using FBI-level data deletion techniques, as soon as you close the browser.

No matter what you’re doing online, it’ll never be traced back to you. EVER!

How secure is my browsing?

With Best Anonymous Browser, your online activities are completely secure and anonymous!

Put it this way: there are only two ways your Web surfing can be connected back to you. Firstly, through your IP address. And secondly, through the traces left on your PC. BOTH of these issues are completely useless when you use the hide IP software!

How does it hide my IP address?

Best Anonymous Browser automatically routes your Web browsing through a high-security, high-speed, totally anonymous privacy network. The privacy network is a collection of over 2000 secure servers from across the globe.

That means the websites you’re visiting don’t see your IP address. And because you’re actually routing through two separate servers, there’s absolutely NO way to trace you.

And remember, it is totally secure. Data transfer is typically done at a hardware level, so there are absolutely no logs – and Government agency requests for information have always been denied so... You’re TOTALLY protected - even from the authorities!

How does the software eliminate all history files on a PC?

No matter what you’re visiting online, you always leave traces on your computer. From the browser cache to the cookies folder, from the URL history to the Google search logs.

For every website you visit, you leave a massive trail of evidence behind on your PC! But the Anonymous Browser software takes care of that for you. The moment you close your browser window, it automatically cycles through all of the traces left on your computer – and removes everything using FBI-level data deletion techniques. It CAN'T be recovered by any means!

This involves overwriting the data around one hundred times, then permanently erasing all of the logs from your computer. Nobody will EVER be able to recover the traces – not even the geekiest computer forensic teams.

Do you charge monthly membership fees?

Absolutely not!

Unlike other anonymous browsing services, we absolutely DON’T charge any monthly fees for using or software, or the privacy network.

You pay just one small fee, for our entire download and support package. That covers you for using the program for life! There are NO extra costs and NO hidden fees!

Is the browser limited in any way?

Best Anonymous Browser is a HIGHLY modified version of the already powerful Firefox browser. That means anything you can do in Firefox (or any browser), you can do with Best Anonymous Browser!

It’s constantly updated too, to ensure the software keeps in-line with all of the latest technologies. With Best Anonymous Browser, you can customize your browsing in any way you wish – and you aren’t limited in ANY way whatsoever!

Will Best Anonymous Browser work on my PC?

To run the software, all you need is an Internet connection and a PC running Windows 2000, Win XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Do I receive free upgrades to future versions?

When you purchase your copy of Best Anonymous Browser, you’ll automatically receive lifetime upgrades to ALL future versions – at absolutely NO cost to you! You'll always be updated with the most cutting edge technology - for life.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Just get in touch with our dedicated support team!

Simply use the help icon at the bottom right hand corner to connect with us. We promise to answer all queries within one business day, however our average response time is just four hours.

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